Hello My Name Is Patrick I Am The Coding Artisan

I have spent 25 years writing code, I am proficient in over 200 computer languages with published software in each. My personal favorite is still PHP, Ruby and Python. I started as a machinist programmer , and 3d Designer then branched off into many other things.

I now work with large corporations like Google, Facebook and Microsoft. I am on my own i started my own company the US Digital Sciences Corporation. A flagship company that builds internet service providers, websites, infrastructure and programming for a vast number of companies.

I consider myself a lone wolf of sorts, but I surrounded my self with some of the brightest minds on the internet.

Thanks for visiting my site I humbly bow my head in gratitude.

Proudly working with

The Single Greatest Achievement In My Life.

The single most important change in my life was when V2.0 was born, my son he made me realize that there is far more to life. Previous to that moment my concerns were mostly, money, friends, and wasting time derping on the internet.

When he arrived in my life, I gave up my Anonymity completely. I still use my pen name Patrick Maker but I let all the folks i have worked with for years see my life, and share in the successes I have come to know now.

I guess having a kid makes you realize that your just not that important any more. Setting the world up so when they take the seat becomes a far more important fact. So my greatest accomplishment wasn’t something I did it was realizing that I am just not that important anymore and that the life I helped bring into the world was.